Cooperative development

Cooperative development
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  • Time of issue:2021-12-30 16:27:57

KGBAL's corporate positioning and market strategy have determined that the value of KGBAL to customers has far exceeded the scope of products, but mainly exists in long-term corporate capabilities. Under this premise, KGBAL has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with end users, professional manufacturers and research institutions, which has brought huge benefits to all parties involved, and also strengthened KGBAL's technical capabilities and market competitiveness.

Case: KCBAL cooperated with a powder metallurgy manufacturer to develop steel sleeve products. After 2 years of repeated practice and installation tests, it has now supplied products to Liebherr in batches. All three parties have achieved value enhancement, which is a typical win-win situation. Similar cases and many more...

KGBAL continues to look forward to cooperating and developing with you with an open mind, specialized technology, professional spirit and boundless enthusiasm!

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