Fits and tolerances of spherical plain bearings

Fits and tolerances of spherical plain bearings
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Fits and tolerances of spherical plain bearings

When the inner and outer rings of the spherical plain bearing are installed, there is an appropriate amount of interference in order to obtain a satisfactory radial orientation and supporting force. Improper or wrong fit will not only reduce the service life of the bearing but also cause damage to other accessories, due to the quota and improper can cause bearing failure, such as:

■Cracks, early spalling and spherical displacement appear on the spherical surface of the inner ring of the radial spherical plain bearing;

■ Wear between inner ring and shaft or outer ring and bearing seat of radial spherical plain bearing due to creep and abrasion;

■Due to incorrect fit, the internal clearance value becomes smaller, which may cause jamming or bearing burn;

■Bow | Pilling surface deformation leads to an increase in noise value and a decrease in rotation accuracy.

Fit types of spherical plain bearings and tolerance zones for shafts and holes

The matching code between the bearing and the shaft and the bearing seat hole, as well as the selected shaft and hole tolerance zone shall comply with the provisions of GB1800~1804. According to the nature of the matching between the bearing inner ring (or shaft washer) and the shaft, the limit deviation of the journal diameter, in Select from base hole fit:

a. Interference and transition fit;

b. Clearance fit;

The relative positions of the shaft and housing tolerance zones to the bearing bore and outside diameter tolerances are shown below:

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