Company philosoph

Mission: To lead the progress of the industry and share value with the participants. The core team of the company has been working in the professional field for nearly 30 years. The experience and part of it has promoted the technological progress of the industry and the market volume has increased dozens of times. Following the past and forging ahead, the company has the ability and responsibility to continue technological innovation, lead the industry progress, and produce environment-friendly products. Empower partners to realize the development ideal of co-creation and sharing.

Vision: To become the global leader in spherical plain bearings. It has developed into an innovative enterprise with a number of independent brands and independent intellectual property rights, formed a technological innovation-led company, and developed into an internationally renowned brand of spherical plain bearings through the introduction of advanced equipment in the industry, leading technology, and branded operations to achieve comprehensive product coverage.

Company philosoph


Zhicheng said "Han Shu: Chu Yuan Wang Chuan", which means sincerity and sincerity. When dealing with the relationship with various stakeholders, Kejin Bearing will strive to carry out the standard of "sincere" and treat customers, employees and shareholders with sincerity.

Company philosoph


The ancients said, "If the heart stops at the perfection, virtue will be achieved, and if the affairs stop at the perfection, the karma will be achieved." It can be seen that the perfection is not only the realm of human beings, but also the requirement of doing things. All colleagues of Kejin Bearing should pay full attention to details, keep improving and strive for perfection in the process of moving towards the established goal.

Company philosoph

Ask for truth

Reality refers to the spirit of exploring the essence of all things. This concept requires all Kejin Bearing colleagues to be down-to-earth and realistic in all aspects of their daily work, and to promote the steady development of the enterprise step by step

Company philosoph


Kejin Bearing Innovation is the soul of Kejin Bearing's corporate culture, and continuous innovation and continuous progress are the inherent requirements for Kejin Bearing to achieve its mission and vision. This concept means never being satisfied with the status quo, constantly innovating and seeking breakthroughs, which not only contains the pioneering spirit of continuous improvement, but also the spirit of struggle and struggle.

core value ——

Sincerity, perfection, truth-seeking, innovation.

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